Atomic Bomb

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 8 August 1945, 4:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Had a busy day but didn't do a lick of dentistry.  To attend to some recreation matters, I took the picket boat into town this morning.  It was 11:30 before I got back.  Washed up and had chow.
          After lunch there was a meeting of all division officers in the captain's cabin.  Then I went to work and finished the wardroom statement.
          The mail brought me four letters and the cutting head for my Schick.  Now I'll be okay till the other shaver arrives.  Three of the letters were from you Sweet and the other was Deb and Dave's baby announcement.
          You are continuously complaining about Betty's inefficiency.  Can she really be trusted with the girls?  I often wonder about that.
          I'll go to work on the lockets.  I think I can work something out for the whole family.
          I do hope Jimmy is right too.  If his experience has been the same a mine as to dental officers going back early maybe it is becoming a general policy with the bureau.  Anyway with the new atomic bomb and all, maybe the Japs will give up in a few days and we'll all be coming home.  What a wonderful thought.
          I'm saving the $100.  I really want to be there when you buy your fur coat and maybe I'll have enough saved by the time I get back to be able to pay for it in full.
          The reason I'm writing early is because I'm going over to the club with a group of officers this evening.  We don't drink much but we have a lot of fun singing and talking and telling stories. Tsk, tsk.
          No more for now Darling so I'll sign off.  Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

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