The Peace That Isn't

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Saturday, 11 August 1945, 12:10 AM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Here is your night owl husband again.  Last night's news hopped me up so much that it was 2:00 AM before I fell asleep and I awoke at 6:45 AM.  I worked this morning and the let down about the peace, that isn't yet, was very evident all over the ship.
          This afternoon I dozed for an hour and at 4:00 PM. I got a message from a Captain Schurr asking me to meet him at the landing in town.  I immediately sent him a message and arranged to be there at 7:30 PM.  I went over in a picket boat.  No Captain Schurr. I checked with the communications office and found my message hadn't been received yet and that Schurr is an Army captain.  I can't place him unless he is related to Silvia and Sara.  Anyway I left without seeing him.  No sooner had we gotten out of the inner harbor that a storm hit.  So we turned back and waited over an hour for it to abate.  Though it was still quite rough and raining at 10:45 PM, we got underway again and got back without any mishap.  All I can show for the trip is two hours of lost sleep.
          We had a real treat for dinner tonight.  Fresh cantaloupe and ice cream.  It was good. Yum, yum.
          I got two letters from my Sweet today so here goes.  Yes the sub base had some wonderful things, but so expensive.  All stateside stuff that could be bought for less money at home.  I feel badly about your attitude concerning our anniversary.  I didn't forget and really the amount of time I put in plenty of time on the lapel gadget. Had I sent you $100, you'd have blown it, no doubt.  Money doesn't grow on trees.  No, not even on lieutenant's trees.
          About the cake, I just happened to mention that on the 25th I'd be married eleven years.  The baker overheard it.  So without a word to anyone he baked a cake and left it for me in my office.  It served eighty men, so it wasn't small.
          No more for now Darling, I can hardly keep my eyes open.  Goodnight with love and kisses.
Yours forever,