The Gold Braid Have The Final Say

U.S.S. OCELOT (IX-110)
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
Monday 1 October 1945, 10:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          A new week and a new month.  Hope that as this month gets older I find myself closer and closer to you.  Everyone on the Ocelot is anxious to get going.  But the gold braid have the final say and take their sweet time about things.  Stall as they will however, we hope to be back early in December. If they do go to work on us real quick like it may even be November.
          Today being the beginning of a new month, there were a number of reports to make out and I'm just barely started on them.  However they should all be out in a few days.  No dentistry again today just my new routine of loafing and finding that awfully hard to do.
          I'm reading "Mr. Winkle Goes to War" and find it both amusing and interesting.  I think you'd enjoy reading it.
          The mail came just as we were finishing dinner and I read your letter for dessert. There was also a letter from your mother who is visiting in Philly.  I'm glad you didn't let my letter about the storm worry you.  I was afraid to tell you about it but everyone else was writing home about it, so I changed my mind.
          My heavy duties as caterer are no more.  With just 15 officers to feed the job is very easy.  We are living in flag quarters and eating in what was the admiral's wardroom.
          I don't know what'll happen to my account of the storm when the Evening Outlook gets it and frankly I don't care.
          Guess you haven't gotten all my letters yet.  I never did have piles but I did have a fistula which Dr. Law cauterized--now you know what was wrong with my "tochas."
           As soon as I'm through I'll shower and read until I get sleepy.  So goodnight Sweet.  Love and kisses to all my three girls.