10,000 Miles from Home

U.S.S. OCELOT (IX-110)
c/o Fleet Post Office
San Francisco, California
Friday 5 October 1945
Dearest Eleanor,
          Now I'm out looking for work.  I ordered all the men with forty or more points to report for examinations and found a week's work to do.  It'll be nice to be busy for a change.
          Today was field day. After the corpsmen were supposed to be ready for inspection, I went through sick bay compartments and found several spaces that hadn't even been touched.  I sure raised hell. That is my job as division officer. Anyway they turned to and cleaned the place up.
          This afternoon brought a stack of mail.  I got nine letters, all from you ranging from September 22 to 29. Also an Esquire and Temple Tattler.  The temple seems to have me on their mailing list so don't bother sending me any more yourself.  I had already read the one I received today.
          Now to your letters.  You don't have to write to anyone about courses.  The Dental Association will have all the information for me when I want it.  Also don't waste time or money looking for office space for me.  I could be released when I get back, but unless the points are reduced by then I'll still have months to go.  If I know the Navy, I'll get my leave and then have to report back for duty.
          I never said I'd be home in a month.  You don't seem to realize that I'm about 10,000 miles from the United States which means twenty to thirty days by sea depending on the speed of the ship.  In our case we could make it in twenty-five days, not counting stops.  Sometime in the early part of December is still my guess.
          Take it easy gal; I'll get an assignment close to home.  Terminal Island and Los Angeles both have demobilization centers and that is where I'll probably get duty.  If not I will be at the hospital.  Anyway without going to Washington, I'll have plenty of time to get my orders changed if I don't get what I want.
          You sure jump to conclusions.  I didn't say Tokyo for repairs, but only mentioned that as a possibility.  Of course by now you know that Tokyo is out.  We'll go first to Guam and then home.  That's the way it looks now.
          Don't do anything about a car. We'll need money for other things.  It isn't any economy to buy a car when the Buick can be fixed up for $200.  Remember there is a sales tax, luxury tax and higher prices now than later.  Between fur coats and automobiles plus a trip to Mexico it looks like we'll be fresh out of money when we'll need it the most.  Come to earth Sweet and be reasonable for a change.
          If Leon is going overseas now we'll never meet unless he flies out.  We'll be out of Okinawa before he can possibly get here by sea.  But who know, I could bump into him at Guam or Pearl.
          I hope that by now you've seen Dr. Lewis and found that all is well.  You've had enough worries in the past twenty-one months without any female trouble. When I get back, I'm sure you'll snap out of it.  Anyway see Dr. Lewis and don't just talk about it.
          You've mentioned quite a bit about Ruth and Dick in your letters.  Frankly I'm disgusted with both of them.  It is only to keep peace in the family that I write Ruth an occasional letter.  Probably when I get back I'll tell her off. She can get into one's hair.
          Tonight's movie was an oldie, "Stagecoach" with John Wayne and Claire Trevor.  Very good just the same, so who cares if it's old or new?
          That is thirty for tonight Darling.  As hard as it'll be for the next few weeks, please be patient and don't do anything you'd be sorry for later.