Has England Gone Socialistic?

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Saturday 4 August 1945, 11:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Just another busy day for me dear.  How was it for you?  The same I hope.  I was busy all morning with patients.  This afternoon I took the liberty party ashore.  Just as a prophesied yesterday. When we were ready to return to the ship it began to rain and we were all thoroughly soaked by the time we arrived.  The rain cooled everything off considerably.  I was going to change clothes after my shower anyway so no harm done.
          After chow we played our game of cribbage and then to the movies.  Tonight we had "Earl Carroll Vanities" but it could have been a much better movie.  Then to the wardroom to read the news (tomorrow's) and now here I am.
          The mail brought me a letter from you and one from your mother.  I also got the box of cosmetics you sent. So now I'll see what kind of a horse trader I'd make.
          I took a few snaps on the beach today and will take some more tomorrow.  I'm using Tom Glass' camera.  So I'll have to use the film up in a hurry because he'll be leaving in a few days.  I've found out why you haven't been hearing from any of the men who went back recently.  The Navy has adopted a new policy of sending a man on to his home on leave the day he arrives in Frisco.  So they really haven't had time to make any phone calls.
          Your letter was a short one.  I guess there is an earlier one I'll get tomorrow.  I am curious about the visitor from the East.  I suppose I'll read more about it in a day or two.
          The perfume on the kiss you sent me has even permeated the paper I'm writing on.  Its sweet aroma is very pleasing to "feminine aroma" starved nostrils.
          Has England gone out and out socialistic?  I read of the change in Britain but nothing more has appeared in our news.
          Well in a day or two I hope you'll be on your way to Lake Arrowhead.  I know you and the kids will enjoy the change.
          No more for now Sweet and so I'll say goodnight.
Loving you always,