Still Sweating It Out

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 3 August 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
          Here I am still sweating it out.  Worked all morning as usual but this afternoon was field day so no appointments. Instead I worked on the wardroom statement and read for awhile.  I'm reading "China to Me," by Emily Hahn. It is an autobiography and quite interesting.  Then I showered, censored mail and dressed for dinner.  After chow we played cribbage and now here I am.  My routine doesn't change very much, does it?
          It is still hot with no clouds to shade the ships and sea from old sol.  Just to give you an idea of the heat.  I was reading with a fan, just three feet away, blowing down on my back. My back was quite cool and yet sweat just poured off me where the air from the fan wasn't hitting me.  I've given up looking for rain though I suppose it'll rain tomorrow because it's my turn to take the liberty party ashore.
          Tom Glass, our supply officer, got his orders today and returns to the states in about a week.  Cox is still awaiting his relief.  Hope when my orders come that I don't have to sit around and wait like he is.  It has been almost 4 months.  That would drive me nuts.
          I got two letters and the hunting knife from you today.  It's a good knife. Although I don't expect ever to need to use it, it's good to have one.  I had bought one aboard for $1.35 and sold it for $2.00 today.  So everything is okay in that deal.
          When you are busy, I've notice that you are in much better spirits.  I'm glad that you are able to occupy your time so well.
          God knows when the shaver will get here by parcel post.  Packages are received out here via air mail but all the dope I could get on it was in the request letter I sent you.  Anyway it is on its way now and maybe it won't take too long.
          Penicillin was first used by the Army and Navy.  Its application is quite simple and its usefulness is quite universally known.  Just some more Goodman propaganda I guess.
          Tonight's movie is "Don Juan Quilligan" with William Bendix.  It should be good.  I enjoyed "A Medal for Benny" last night.  I hope you did too.
          That is thirty for tonight Sweet.  So goodnight and pleasant dreams.
Yours forever,