Ocelot Is An Old Ship

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday, 19 August 1945, 1:05 AM
(Really Monday morning)
Dearest Eleanor,
          As late as it is, a promise is a promise so here I am again.  Today being Sunday, I didn't have any appointments scheduled.  However I did have two emergency calls and the rest of the morning was my own.  After chow my tug came alongside and five of us embarked on a little trip.  First we went to a club some twelve miles away, drank some beer and visited until 4:30.  Then back to our tug we went and crossed the bay to another club fifteen miles away.  We had a drink and then went to dinner.  After chow more drinking and singing.  We left for the Ocelot at 11:30 AM on Sunday and returned at 12:30 AM.
          I had a nice cold orange.  Then I undressed, showered and here I am.
          The mailman brought me two letters from you and one from each mother.  I've received mail through the 11th.  These today are of the 8th so there are lots of repeats.
          I'm glad you sent the gold braid.  If we do move up to Japan we'll probably wear blues and I'll need it.  There is nothing definite as to where we'll go.  Manila, Japan or maybe the States.  Who knows?  The Ocelot is an old ship and now that the war is over there'll be many newer ships that could serve in her place and much more effectively.  Let's hope that the brass hats figure the same way as I.
          No more for now Darling.  It is past my beddy-bye.  "Nite-nite" Sweet.  I'll see you in my dreams.
Love and kisses,

Ocelot--an old,steel clad,  wooden ship
Launched in 1919