Feminine Odor

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 2 August 1945, 7:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          How is my busy wife today?  I'm getting quite lazy.  It is just too darn hot to work. My clothes are soaked with perspiration even when I'm sitting still.  This is one helluva rainy season.  I bet when it starts to rain it won't stop.  The way I feel now, who cares?
          Still and all I did work all morning and would have early this afternoon except that at 1:00 PM we had a surprise fire and rescue drill pulled on us.  There was a meeting of all division officers immediately following.
          I spent the late afternoon in my bunk reading and sweating.  At 5:30 I showered and dressed for dinner.  After chow, cribbage as usual and now here I am.
          I got three letters and a sweet scented kiss on a card from my Sweetheart.  Also a letter from Ruth.  Was the odor on the card the perfume I sent you?  The fragrance has completely permeated my office and the odor of something feminine is really nice to have around.
          I'll have to read the material you sent me on Zionism.  I'm afraid that till now I've been against the principle of the thing.  But I guess I can be convinced otherwise. Our girls must have really changed since I last saw them.  I'll have to take plenty of time getting reacquainted with them.
          Thanks for Dave's address.  I'll write him soon.
          I even had our anniversary date wrong.  I had it as the 25th.  I guess because of the heartbreak in 1934 I will always be fuzzy on the date.      
          So you got thinner? Well take it easy and don't overdo.  You'll need all the energy and pep you can muster when I get back.  So will I.  That's a date for our twelfth--a double celebration.
          Tonight's movie is "A Medal for Benny."  I hope it's good.  Last night we got back a few minutes past midnight.  By the time I had a sandwich and coffee it was 1:00 AM.  Now I'm a little sleepy.  If it isn't too hot, I'll turn in right after the movie.
          No more for now Sweet, so I'll say goodnight.  See you in my dreams.

Wedding photo July 24, 1934
The nuptials had been scheduled for June 25, 1934, but were postponed when Gil's father died.

The Nightly Movie