Eleven More Days

Misdated--written on Monday 19 November or Tuesday 20th November

Tuesday, 19 November 1945, 8:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          This morning a jeep was available so Leslie and I ran down to the ship.  Nothing in particular to do, but we did kill the morning.  Covered with dust, we got back at noon.  However after a good hot shower and change of clothes I felt fresh and clean again.
          I spent this afternoon just reading magazines and lounging around.  Had a few beers before dinner and after chow, we went to the movies. "Dangerous Partners" and a Nazi spy story.  Not too good. Now here I am.
          In eleven more days I'll pick up my orders and get underway for home. Once I get my orders, I hope there won't be any delay getting off Okinawa.  Most everyone gets transportation within a day or two.
          That is the dope for now.  Nothing more to write about.  Goodnight Darling and pleasant dreams.

The ship--USS Ocelot