The Dope

Tuesday, 13 November 1945, 10:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Nothing new or different today.  This morning Leslie and I walked over to the CBs and arranged to have our officers' laundry done.  I was OD today, so at 1:00 PM I mustered the men and passed out beer and coke.  
          After dinner tonight we went to the movies and saw "George White Scandals" with Joan Davis and Jack Haley.  The movie had all kinds of possibilities but somehow missed the boat.
          I'm making up a box of stuff to send home.  Be careful of the box of shells.  There are some cat's eyes in it and one of them is really tiny.  You might not notice it and throw it out.  Be sure to look for it. It'd be best to keep them in the box.  I had a lot more shells, but they were lost.  I'm also sending back the picture album, my Schick shaver and a few things I got here at Okinawa.  The little dishes are what the natives drink "saki" out of.
          That is the dope for now.  Goodnight Sweet, maybe I'll have some dope for you tomorrow.

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