Twelve More Days

Sunday, 18 November 1945, 10:40 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Twelve more days to go.  That is twelve more unless I get orders in the meantime.  This morning three of us got into a jeep and headed north.  We left at 8:30 and got back at 2:30.  We had to get special passes to make this trip as the place we went into is off limits to military personnel.  The country is very scenic and the natives are very friendly.  We even ran into a few that talked a kind of "pigeon" English.  We crossed to the west side of the island.  In one of the many bays we got a good look at the China Sea with several sunken Jap ships.  At noon we stopped and ate the "C" and "K" rations we brought along.
          When we got back I was hot, tired, and dirty from the dusty road, so I took a shower and read until chow time.  I'm reading Jessel's "To Help Me" and find it quite interesting and amusing.
          After chow we went to the movies and saw "Bring on the Girls."  When I saw it on the ship, I said it was the best musical I've seen out here.  I still think so. 
          When I got back to my tent I found your two letters dated the 9th and 10th.  I hope you know what you're doing about an office.  Kalichman's space is okay, but because of the necessary alterations the building won't rent without a lease.  Then again I don't have any equipment.  You asked about supply houses.  I dealt mostly with S.S. White, but also there are some independent houses that I did business with.  I intend to follow through with the independents before I finally decide on equipment.
          Vice-Admiral Denfield (head of the Bureau of Personnel and in charge of demobilization) will probably receive numerous letters about members of the Ocelot crew.  Even if it doesn't help me, the others deserve a break.  Anyway a little investigation as to how things are run out here wouldn't hurt him.
          That is thirty for tonight.  Goodnight Darling, can you wait another month more for me?

          Scenes from trip north