Last Sunday on Okinawa

Sunday, 25 November 1945, 9:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          My last Sunday on Okinawa (I hope).  Anyway by next Sunday I should know when I'm leaving and where I'll be going.  In the meantime we'll both need to be patient.
          I spent a nice, quiet, peaceful day.  Leslie and I had quite a talk this afternoon as to the effect this life we've been leading will have on us.  We've been laying around for so long that we've lost all ambition.  We talked about our prospects as civilians.  Of course, I know where I'm going.  It's amazing to see the number of men that have absolutely nothing to go back to.  So many of them came fresh from school and literally don't know what they'll do when they get back. Just the same they all want out.
          Tonight's movie was another repeat.  "Blonde Ransom," just a fair movie.  That's thirty for tonight.  Goodnight Darling, it won't be long before I'll kiss you goodnight instead of writing it.