Medical Alcohol and Coke

Misdated should be Tuesday November 27, 1945

Tuesday, 26 November 1945, 9:00 PM

Dearest Eleanor,
          Another day closer to that day.  Today has been very quiet and uneventful.  No mail, no news, no excitement--yes, no nothing.
          I spent the day fooling around, reading and killing time.  We got a hold of a half gallon of medical alcohol.  It makes a swell drink with coke and ice.  No ice, but a swell drink anyhow.  By now you've gathered that I'm slightly high and you're right.  I am.  We had several shots before chow and then a few beers for chasers.  We went to the movie afterward and saw "The Cat and the Canary" with Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard.  Now we are back for a few more snorts and then to bed.  Anyway I'll sleep better.
          There was no mail for me today.  That makes three days straight running.  By now I hope you've received the claim check and several other letters containing "gook" money and Philippine "Peso" notes.
          Goodnight Sweet, even if you can't read this, it isn't important.