Jittery as Hell

Saturday, 24 November 1945, 10:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Now that I have only a few more days to go, I'm getting jittery as hell.  So many things have happened to me that it's hard to believe that next week I'm to pick up my orders to return to the United States for release.  I can't think what could happen to change things, but I'll feel better when I have my orders in hand.
          Nothing much that is new today.  The decommissioning of the ship looks like it is weeks away.  It was to be December 1.  Dr. Law got orders to Guam for reassignment.  That's about all.
          My kimono is finished except for a belt tie which will be made on Monday.  The embroidery isn't too hot, but it'll do.  All I've done today is read, play cribbage and loaf around.
          Tonight I hit the jackpot.  I got six letters, three from you and one each from our mother and Libby.  When I hit the states, I'll have orders to proceed to the demobilization center in Los Angeles.  We can plan on going away after that is done.  The policy seems to be to send one back for release on a ship that makes port close to the mobilization center.  That'll be either Diego or Long Beach.  Anyway, we can't plan until I actually get my ship.
          You've taken me to task for not answering your questions and not writing more fully.  Well Navy procedure is peculiar to civilians.  It would take reams to explain a simple thing to you.  Besides you haven't been reading my letters too carefully either.  Command Service Division (CSC 101) left the ship in Leyte. The Service Division I've mentioned is 104.  But what's the difference now?  It's just so much water under the bridge.
          About finances, your bank balance is low.  As of November 15, I have $721 on the books.  That should be $800 by the time I hit the United States.  There'll be close to two months pay for separation leave plus $300, so that'll be another $950 approximately.  I do hope you've gotten the $410 claim check.  If that has gotten lost, it'll take months to collect on it.  Anyway, the money totals up to about $2,000 and that ain't hay.  Take it easy now, Sweet, you don't have to spend it all in one place.
          I've answered all the letters I've received.  I've written Deb and Dave since I've been ashore.  As for Ruth, she can wait.  I haven't heard from her in weeks.  She always did take here in writing so that's that.
          About an office set up.  Just for the fun of it call the local dental society and find out if any dentists are willing to have another dentist use their offices or work with them.  As I've written before S.S. White was the house I dealt with.  I did business with the American Dental Supply Company, but not much in the year or so before I went into the Navy.
          Hope Norma got over her indisposition and you've seen a doctor about yourself.  When I get back we're going to have fun and not be bothered with illness.  Are we? I hope not.
          As for your birthday, as I wrote yesterday the claim check is yours for a fur coat and what you will.  Wish I could be home to wish you a happy birthday in person.  But we'll celebrate Xmas together and that'll be something.
          Saw "San Francisco" for the nth time tonight.  Goodnight Sweet and happy dreams.

Approval for claim.  Eleanor's birthday gift check $410