"Gook" Girls

Misdated--written either Tuesday 20 November or Wednesday 21 November

Wednesday, 20 November 1945, 10:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Sweet, here I am again.  Today has been very uneventful except that I hit the jackpot in the mail.  I received five letters from you and one from my mother.
          I'm glad you got a nice watch for your birthday.  I do hope that the watch or the defective part can be replaced.  I can tell that you really like it and know you would be disappointed if it couldn't be duplicated.
          If Sol is returning to Okinawa and due back in the states on December 21, his ship may be in when I'm due to leave.  It would be quite a coincidence if I got to return home on his ship.  Wouldn't it?  I'll see what I can find out.
          This time everyone is wrong about getting back for release.  I've presented my request and my orders will be ready on the first.  The policy on this island is to send men back sixteen days prior to discharge, so I'm sure to be on my way in about ten days.
          I hope the check I sent you didn't get lost.  It was for $410 and could be replaced, but it would be a nuisance.
          Tonight's movie was a feature and three shorts.  The feature, "Mystery in the Caribbean," was fairly interesting.
          We got hold of a couple of "gook" (native) girls.  They are making white felt kimonos for Leslie and me. Of course it is all very good handwork.  However who am I to judge?
          I sent home a package with some souvenirs and the picture album.  Hope it gets home by the time I get back.
          That is all for now Darling.  Goodnight and pleasant dreams.

Gook Girls