Misdated--Thanksgiving was on Thursday 22, November 1945
Thursday, 21 November 1945, 9:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Today is Thanksgiving and though we are apart I feel we have plenty to be thankful for.  I took a run down to the ship.  Every time I go down there and see the wreckage and rubble, I marvel at the few casualties we suffered.  Anyway, in another nine or ten days I should have my orders and be on my way.
          Of all the officers on the ship, only two were regular Navy men.  Though we all wrote the bureau for orders, those two are the only ones who have received orders so far.  Maybe it's a coincidence but it looks to me like another case of favoritism.  For me it doesn't matter, but as for the others, it is a little hard to take.
          Tonight we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings.  For dessert pie and ice cream.  Before chow the captain of this camp invited us all to the bar for drinks on him.  Candy, chocolate and cigarettes were passed around after dinner.  It was an excellent meal and reminded me of happier days on the Ocelot and at home.
          After chow we hopped into a jeep and drove down to the movies.  The picture was "The Great John L" a story about John L Sullivan, the pugilist.  Now we are back in our tent and getting ready to turn in.
          Next week is your birthday.  This time I really got caught short.  I remember how on different occasions I'd put off getting you something until the last minute and how provoked you'd get at me.  Well Sweet, I do hope that his time you'll forgive me if you don't receive anything from me on your birthday.  It just couldn't be helped.  Tell you what though: you know that coat you've been hoping for.  Well, when you get my claim check you can claim it as all yours.  The check should be a fair start for the coat you want.
          No more for now Darling, so I'll say goodnight.  Pleasant dreams my love.
Yours forever,

Wreckage and rubble