Won 25 Dollars Last Night and Lost 25 Cents Tonight

Thursday 18 October 1945, 11:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Another day gone and another day closer to when we'll be together again.  Just loafed around all day.  It sure is hard to keep busy when there isn't a darn thing to do.  I did find an Ellery Queen mystery.  I read part of that today, but all in all today was just another one wasted.
          Today I got some more old mail dated the 1st and 4th October.  Wish I could tell you when we are leaving but I can't.  The Navy announced a three point reduction in points with additional reductions in December and January 1st.  It could happen that I'll be a civilian by the time I'm thirty-six.  I couldn't think of a nicer birthday present.
          I think I'll be home in time to help you with your Xmas shopping, but to be home by Thanksgiving and your birthday is cutting it pretty thin.  However, it could happen.  They've started decommissioning the "Mighty O" and they could be finished by the end of the month.
          I think I remember Mary Billings.  Is she a thin, nervous type of girl around thirty-five?  No use asking as I'm not expecting any reply.  By the time any answers get out here I hope to be on my way home.  Why only 200 men aboard?  The flag carried about 500 enlisted men, yeomen, radiomen, storekeepers and signalman.  When they moved, they took them along.  The men we had aboard were just those necessary for running the ship.
          You've been talking long enough now about how you've been feeling.  How about going to a doctor and getting the low down once and for all.
          Talking about weight, since we've been ashore I've been doing lots of walking up and down hills and my appetite is tremendous. Hope I keep my weight down to what it was.  Here the food is better so I eat plenty.
          Your honeymoon schedule is excellent, but I do have one complaint.  Don't you think you should allow more time for loving?
          Saw a real good, though old, movie tonight.  It was "Knute Rockne All American," with Pat O'Brien.  After the movie we played a little poker.  I won $25 last night and lost about 25 cents tonight.  I'm not doing too badly, am I?
          That is all for tonight so I'll sign off and go to bed.  Hope I dream about us I love you so.
Yours forever,