Post Office Wrecked

Wednesday 17 October 1945, 9:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Another busy day but I won't be able to turn in until midnight.  Only six officers are living here with the crew.  We take turns as OD.  I've been on since 7:00 AM. Though I don't have to stay in any particular place I still have to be around at all times, mustering men, arranging working parties etc.
          They sorted out some of the mail that was laying around at the wrecked post office.  I got three letters from you and one from my mother.  Of course you know by now that we aren't coming back to the United States for decommissioning, but instead will do it out here. That means of course that the whole crew will not be returned to the United States.  The word is that high point men and officers with more than a year outside the United States will go back.  I'm writing another letter to the Bureau requesting my next assignment.
          I just got back from the movies.  I saw a Disney cartoon, "The Three Caballeros."  I did enjoy seeing it again.             Wish I knew what else to write about.  We did have some sad news today.  Ensign Jackson, whose leg was amputated, died en route to Guam.  One of the other fracture cases resulted in an amputation.  All in all we feel pretty badly about the whole thing.
          I'll sign off now Sweet. Goodnight and pleasant dreams.  Real soon, I hope I can say when I'm leaving.

Telegram from Dave's friend Irving Hill regarding the fate of the USS Ocelot.
The information about caualties contradicts Gil's letter.

Wrecked Buckner Bay Fleet Post Office