Why Soldiers Don't Like Spam

Sunday 21 October 1945, 8:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Had a busy morning.  At 8:00 AM we took the jeep and drove down to the ship.  It's a thirty mile run. The road was muddy and slick so it took a good hour to make the trip.  We got to the ship a little after twelve, but not too late for chow.
          I left my clothing claim and expect it to be approved in a couple of days. 
          Talking about food, it is pretty poor at advanced bases. Okinawa is no exception.  Fresh fruit, vegetables and meat are quite rare.  Everything eaten is canned, even the butter.  Now I know why soldiers and marines don't like Spam.  Getting it for breakfast, lunch and dinner day in and day out isn't anything to rave about.  Still it is better than going hungry.
          This afternoon I just loafed around, showered and went up for chow.  Then to the movies.  Saw "Don Juan Guiligan" for the second time but laughed at it again.  That is all for tonight.
          Goodnight Darling, I'll see you in my dreams.
G. Steingart
          Laugh. I thought I'd die with all the noise around here.  There is so much commotion and horseplay in here tonight that I stopped writing several times.  After signing my name to papers so much frequently, the G. Steingart just slipped out. But Sweet I'm still the same Gil and I love you more than ever.  Goodnight again.