Picture Album Saved

Note: Gil misdated the letter.  Monday was October 29 
Monday, 30 October 1945, 8:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Darling, here I am again.  It poured all night and has rained on and off all day long.  This morning I took an officer, the skipper of the YP238 and one of our own enlisted men over to the CBs for treatment.  I wound up by extracting a tooth for each of them.
          This afternoon Pete Leslie, the chief engineer, and I went over to the CB photo lab and got the enclosed prints.  Leslie has the negatives and has promised me some enlargements when he gets home.  However he won't be released until February or March, so hold on to the prints.
          The mail brought me seven letters from you and one each from your mother, my mother and Dave.  I'm glad you are continuing to write.  We expected to be on our way home by now, but so far nothing has happened.  Personally, I think something will break within a week or so, but that's just what I think.
          Of my clothes, I have my blue raincoat, greys, some underwear and socks.  All that remains of my souvenirs is a box of shells.  Oh yes, I do have the picture album.  I made sure that it was safe before I got off.
          Dr. Bushyager didn't get off till about a week ago.  We abandoned ship in the raft and had whatever medical records we could get hold of were with us.
          We've been getting quite a laugh out of the news reports.  They are all distorted and full of misinformation. As I've written before, the Ocelot had several casualties.  The dope about several of the other ships is confused as well.  Maybe it's better that way.
          The Xmas cards sound very nice.  Go ahead and get them.  Seeing as how I'm being compensated fully by the Navy for my loss of clothes and personal property, don't do anything with Al, at least for the time being.  So far I haven't bought anything but the watch and shaver.  I have two issues of field greens, a fur lined jacket, field shoes, two changes of khakis and one of greys.  I intend to make that do till I get home.  Anyway, if I do have to buy anything more, it won't be much.
          Tonight's movie was another repeat "Patrick the Great," but I went just the same.
          Goodnight Sweet.  Soon we'll be together.  Love and kisses from
Your loving husband,

The Photo Album

The photos
The Captain and Exec of the "Mighty O"

Ocelot and bow of Nestor

APL Ritz Carlton and stern of Nestor

The rafts to the Nester and Ocelot

The Ocelot again
Here is that mess again

Another shipwreck

More ships aground

Lt. Peter J Leslie

The Ocelot, Nester and YP238

A bridge of rafts to the Nester and Ocelot

Distorted News Report

Transcript of letters that Eleanor typed and sent to newspapers.