Wednesday 24 October 1945, 9:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Another day gone to hell.  During the night a squadron of mosquitoes dive bombed me and this morning I awoke with a lump on my forehead, a swollen eye and a protruded lower lip.  Now the swelling if gone.  The hut has been sprayed with DDT so I hope they won't invade us again tonight.
          The day went but darned if I can say how.  Didn't even do any reading.  Dinner tonight was the first decent meal we've had since we've been ashore.  We had steak with French fries and peas. For dessert we had butterscotch pudding with peaches.  Then to the movies.  We had "The Angels Sing" with Dorothy Lamarr and Betty Hutton.  Some time ago, we had it on the ship.  A musical is good for two or three showings.
          Wish I had some new dope to give you but nary a word.  We are waiting on the survey board to have their say and then we can decommission in short order.  Everyone knows the Ocelot can't be salvaged, but the board still has to make a formal investigation and report.  That's the way the Navy is.
          No more for tonight Sweetheart.  So goodnight and pleasant dreams.

USS Ocelot