11 October 1945
Dearest Eleanor,
          Now your husband is a real shipwrecked sailor.  Another typhoon hit this area two days ago (I think).  I've lost all track of time. Because we were not fixed up for sea we ran into trouble again.  This time we hit a reef and had to abandon ship.  I left the ship, down a line and onto a raft and hit the beach.  Outside of a couple of scratches on my legs I'm okay, so don't worry about me.  Most installations on Okinawa were wrecked so we are all living in makeshift quarters.  The first night I slept on the floor of a galley, but last night I did manage a camp cot. 
          All the clothes and gear I have is what I had on and some greens that I got ashore.  We've made arrangements to take a few of us back aboard to salvage a few essentials.  Everything else is gone either through pilferage or due to the storm.  We had three serious casualties that were flown to Guam.  A few had minor injuries. All are out of sick bay now.  The food consists of C or K rations and I can't say I care for it.  If I have to subsist on this food long I'm sure to lose weight.
          No one knows how long it'll be before we are evacuated.  I think I'll be home before I would have otherwise.
          Here are a few things you should know.  Don't worry if my mail isn't regular.  I'll write as often as possible.  Don't write me any more unless you get a new address from me.  All my mail will be held up.  Even the post office here is gone.
          I've got to close now because I want this letter to get off as CB (Seabee) mail.  Don't worry darling.  I'll try to write again tomorrow.

Ocelot survivors the "morning after"

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