The Gauge Went Out When the Wind Hit 130 Knots

13 October 1945
Dear Libby,
          I suppose that by now you know I've been shipwrecked again.  The only difference is that this time we had to abandon ship and I've lost all my gear.  We got ashore Tuesday at the height of a typhoon.  The wind velocity hit 130 knots when the wind gauge went out.  Just a light breeze.  After wading around in mud up to my knees and in wet clothes for a day, we found temporary quarters for our officers and men.  Yesterday we moved to more permanent quarters and here we'll remain until we return to the United States.
          We were all issued field green uniforms, field shoes and fur lined jackets.  That is what I'll wear until I get home.  For four days we ate nothing but C and K rations, but today we finally got some hot food.  We are camped up in the hills overlooking a bay.  The scenery reminds me very much of Lake Arrowhead.  How long we'll be here is hard to tell.  We could leave in a few days or weeks.  It all depends.
          I'll drop you a line once in awhile but there is no use writing me unless I give you a new mailing address.
          That is all for now so I'll sign off.  Give my best to Nat and Loretta.

Undated newspaper article confirming wind velocity