Hint of Victory

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday, 17 June 1945, 10 PM.
Dearest Eleanor,
          Just to celebrate and today being Sunday I took the day off and didn't see any patients.  Instead I visited for awhile with a couple of dentists who came over to our ship on business.  Then when the mail came onboard I found I'd hit the jackpot and spent the rest of the morning reading these precious letters, ten of them, one from your mother and one from Marty and the rest from my Sweet.
          This afternoon I finished "Saratoga Trunk," censored some mail and took it easy.  Showered at 5:00 PM and dressed for dinner.  Then we had our regular cribbage game until movie time.  Tonight's picture was just fair.  It was "Gentle Annie" a story of the Oklahoma frontier at the beginning of this century.  We did have two good shorts, one a color cartoon and the other a Wayne King musical short.
          Now to your letters.  They were postmarked the 5th to the 10th.
           Even when we're at sea the letters are postmarked the day the ship's post office receives them.  Understand?  My school marm seems to be kept quite busy.  Oh well, only a few more days and vacation will be here.
          From the program and your letters the dancing school show must have been excellent.  Why shouldn't our daughters be stars?
          No dear I didn't ask you to wait for you fur coat until I was a civilian, only until I got home.  However if you do run into a real good buy go ahead and get one.  I just thought I'd like to help you choose one.  That's all.  I do expect to be home by Xmas.
          Talking about pictures several have been taken of me and if we can find some time to develop and print them soon I'll send them along.
          You don't sound too enthusiastic about Nina's visit.  I do hope it pans out okay and that you don't have to put yourself out for her.
          So Norma is at the crying age.  Sorry to hear that she cries every time you go out.  Linda got over it so I guess she will too.  I do hope you aren't letting it upset you.
          Yes the papers are hinting at the possibility of an early victory over the Japs.   Thought the same thing a long time ago (two months ago).  Check my letters and see.  The next three months will tell the tale.  Either it'll be all over or we'll have a tough year of fighting ahead of us.
          Never be sorry for anything you didn't do or buy.  Bet our new home will be even nicer than the one you wish we'd bought.
          Your letters are precious dear and not "silly."  After all if you couldn't write your thoughts to me, who could you tell them to?
          There is no reason why you shouldn't put some money in Postal Savings.  There is some interest involved and it is available on demand.  Go ahead and do it.
          OK let's set the alarm for 2:00 AM.  Though I bet we won't need any alarm for awhile.
          I'm glad that Dr. Sands found you mother in better health than Leon thought she was in.  Just the same, she should take it easy. Ruth should hire some help to do her housework or maybe do it herself.
          So the G's want to know where Sol will go next.  I wish I knew, but it is a safe bet that before moving in on an operation his ship will stop at our last anchorage or come to where we are now. 
          The barber probably missed you because he's already in Florida which is his home.  Cox's home is in Arizona but his wife is planning to meet him in Long Beach and live there.  He is regular Navy and his three kiddies mark the three times he's been home in the past eight or nine years.  That's no life for me.
          There are several General Hospitals in this area and I'll have to have an address before I go off looking for someone.  I'll probably be here for awhile yet, so I'll hold on until I get something more definite to go on.
          No more for now Sweetheart so I'll say goodnight with the hope that all your dreams do come true and soon.
Loving you as always,
P.S.    I owe practically everyone a letter now, so I'll have to settle down to some serious writing real soon.  Bye now.