Smoking a Cigar

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 13 June 1945, 7:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello my Darling, here is that guy again.  At present I'm smoking a cigar so draw your own conclusions.
          At 8:00 AM three of us shoved off for town. Each had with a particular errand.  I had the job of lining up a USO show. Though I got nothing definite I did get a promise for next week.  So I'll have to check up on it later.  We got back at noon just in time for lunch.
          After chow, just to make a day of it, I joined a group going over to the club for a few drinks and now you can see the results.  We got back at 6:00 and had a late dinner at 6:30.  Someone gave me a cigar.  Who I don't know but I'm smoking it anyway.
          When I returned, I had expected some mail. No luck.  Hope tomorrow does better by me.
          The movie tonight is Bob Hope in "My Favorite Blonde."  I think I've seen it before but hope it will be just as good a second time.
          We still don't have a copy of that particular ALVAV but I know it's out and the communications officer promised to have a copy for the old man (captain) tomorrow.  Then I'll be a lieutenant officially.
          Nothing more for now so I'd better sign off before I say something foolish.  "Nite-nite" my Sweet. I'll do better tomorrow night.

Gil in front of Officers' Club