I Made Lieutenant

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Monday 11 June 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Greetings.  Although our ship hasn't received the ALNAV, others have. I did make lieutenant this month after all.  The communications officer will pick up all past messages on Wednesday so I'll have to wait until then before it becomes official.
          Spent my usual busy morning examining and filling teeth.  After lunch I had my books audited.  Then I took a boat over to another ship in an attempt to run down some USO shows that are touring out here. Wednesday morning, I'll run into town and make final arrangements.
          The mail today consisted of two letters from you and one from Libby.  Even though we are considerably further from the states we still get seven day service.  All the letters were postmarked the 4th and yesterdays were through the 3rd.
          Somebody had a good idea about souvenirs from out here which I intend to follow up on.  He bought about $20 in unused stamps of different denominations.  They can easily be sold in the states at twice face value.  Also coins and a few bills will be added to my collection.  I already have quite a bit of the Japanese invasion money that is used here.  So all in all I'll have something to show that I was here.  Okay don't get excited.  I still intend to buy something for you and the kids.
          Now to your mail.  I'm sure glad Norma is OK.  I was a wee bit worried about her.  So Dick is in the "dog house" at camp. In spite of Ruth, soft jobs certainly won't be passed out to him.   It serves Ruth right for standing in the way.  She ought to lighten up for a change.
          I don't believe Sol's ship will go to Manila, but rather come here.  I'll keep a weather eye out for him.  It would be nice if Dave did make sergeant. Who knows?  Funnier things have happened.
          There you go again.  $4 to the Junior Hadassah.  Even if Mrs. G. did ask you, you could have said no.  Those $4 items here and there add up.  You've no business throwing money around especially if you don't intend to go to their meetings.  Do I have to chide you all the time or must I put you on an allowance a la Goodfriend.
          I don't have Vic's and Simmie's addresses but I've already written you for them so I guess they'll get here in a couple of days.
          I'm almost certain to be home by Xmas.  As a matter of fact I'd even bet money.  You know how sure I am when I bet.
          How about making up a small package of dime store cosmetics i.e. lipsticks and small vials of perfume.  Pack them in a cigar box or some such wooden container so they'll arrive safely.  I'd also like some glassine envelopes for keeping the stamps I'm going to buy.  See now, you've got another package to send me.
          We have a 4.0 movie tonight.  "The Picture of Dorian Gray."  I'll have to hurry if I want to get a good seat.
          Goodnight Sweet and no matter what I say I still love you.

Vessels in Leyte Gulf