My Mouth Waters

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday  6 June 1945, 10:00 PM
My Darling,
          Here I am again honey so how's about a great big kiss, huh?  That was nice and thanks but I sure could stand a little of that at closer quarters.
          Today was just another day.  I worked all morning and saw two patients this afternoon. When I was through I finished a little something I was making for you.  Now I have but one more piece to assemble and off they'll go.  I do hope you and the kids like them.
          I got five letters today, three from you and one each from our mothers.  You sure are getting absent minded, going to see a movie you'd seen just two weeks before.  I've noticed in your letters too that your days of the week and the dates don't always match up.
          Guess I'll have to hurry home and wake you up.  What a pleasure that'll be.  Yes dear you may definitely hope for me to be home in the fall.  Another of our officers got his orders today and will leave on Friday.
          Sounds like Slapsy Maxie's is still tops.  We've got a date to go there when I get back.  I'm really surprised at Dick's actions.  If the MPs ever catch up with him, he'll be a sorry boy.  The best thing that could have happened to him did when he was drafted.  The Army will straighten him out (I hope).
          Quit worrying about my next station.  I'll ask for Long Beach and should get it.  If not wherever I go my family goes too.  Satisfied?
          Your dinner party sounds like a success.  My mouth just waters when I think of sour cream, radish and green onion salad, tomatoes and all the other things we never get.  Bananas and pineapple can be purchased from the natives.  As a matter of fact, I'm planning a trip into town and will see what I can buy.
          I'm really surprised at the Spivaks. We won't forget it when I get home.  Evidently Frieda Marcus didn't make any impression on Leon.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
          I'm sorry to hear about your mother.  It's up to you and Deb to get up on your hind legs and tell Ruth once and for all that she'd better hire a maid and let you mother relax.  I'm sure you sister can afford it.
          We had an excellent movie tonight, "A Royal Scandal" with Tallulah Bankhead and Ann Baxter.  See it; I know you'll enjoy it.
          No more to tonight Darling so bye and pleasant dreams.  I'll close with those three little words "I love you,"
Yours as always,