Bought A New Eversharp Pen

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Monday 19 March 1945, 10:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Sweetheart, here I am again.  This has been one busy day for me and it was almost 4:00 PM before I finally walked out of my office.  I didn't see more than twelve patients but believe me there was plenty of work that needed doing.  The last time I did as much in one day was when I was a civilian.
          When I left my office it was raining in buckets, as a matter of fact it had been raining most of the afternoon.  I was just too busy to notice.  I went up to my room and censored a stack of mail and then read for awhile.  First thing I knew it was 5:15 and time to shower and dress for dinner.
          After chow I was still a little tired so I relaxed with a book until movie time.  Last night's picture was "Address Unknown" with Paul Lucas---one of those propaganda pictures and not very good.  Tonight's picture was "Thousands Cheer" with a whole host of stars.  The outstanding feature was Jose Iturbi playing the piano.  When he broke into boogie woogie even the sailors applauded; it was that good.
          There was no mail again today.  They must be filling up a whole sack for me somewhere.  Maybe it'll all come tomorrow.  I bought a new pen today.  The fouled up point on my other pen was beginning to get me down.  This pen is one of the new Eversharps with a point similar to the Parker "51".  It retails for $12.50 and I bought it for $6.50 at our ship's store.
          Well darling, that is thirty for tonight.  Love and kisses to all three of my dears.  I'll see you in my dreams.