My Back Is Better

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Friday 2 March 1945, 7:10 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Awoke this morning with my back feeling much better.  All discomfort has practically disappeared so that's that.
          Worked all morning until 11:00 AM and then sat down to read four letters that had arrived.
          After lunch, I enjoyed the sun for 45 minutes, rechecked a copy of the mess statement and took care of an emergency extraction from another ship.  When I returned to my room I found three more letters making a total bag of seven and all from you.
          I spent the afternoon reading as it was "field day." Then I censored some mail, showered and dressed for dinner.
          I intended watching what promised to be a pretty sunset but I got another emergency call and extracted another tooth.  Since I was down in my office I couldn't think of anything I'd like better so--we are having our daily visit.
          So Leon is storing his car.  Well I'll bet he loses more by keeping it than selling now.  By the time he comes back, new cars will probably be on the market and his $4,000 will only be worth $500.  I guess he can afford to lose it.
          Leon certainly expects a great deal when he says that he'll go to Pearl Harbor, Philippines and then China or Japan.  That is probably all a good guess but if his unit is just forming I doubt whether anyone knows where they are going.  Out in the forward area one can't tell from one month to the next leave alone a whole tour of duty.
          I'll drop a note to Dr. Ivie first chance I get.  Mrs. Ivie is nice, why don't you try and get together with her some time.
          I figured the "Apostle" was a hand me down.  Ruth knows I don't care for that type of fiction and I knew she did.  Sorry about "Esquire," I'll say thank you properly next time I write.
          That note you sent to the banquet in my behalf is OK.  However before we do any contributing I'm going to wait to see results not plans.
          There must be some letter missing because you refer to Mr. Hansen's phone call but say nothing as to where he is or how he is feeling.  Guess it'll come in a day or so.
          Your plan for our new home is 4.0 with me, even the location.  As for my new office, it'll be a "killer-diller."  When we get our heads together we'll give them something to talk about.
          The party I mentioned was for officers on the Ocelot and two or three other ships as well.  Can't tell you any more about it.
          The movie last night was "House of Frankenstein." and when it was over they had revived and killed again, Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolfman.  Not so good.  Tonight we have a real oldie, Carol Lombard in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and it's just about time to go. So-----
          Goodnight darling, love and kisses to all my girls.
Your daddy,