My Watch Is On The Fritz

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 30 March 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
          Hello Honey, here I am again.  We didn't have any movie last night so I played checkers and gossiped in the wardroom until 11:00 PM. Then I went to my room, censored a batch of mail and read for awhile.
          I awoke this morning kind of late (8:10) but didn't realize it because my watch seems to be on the fritz.  That makes two to go since I left.  It seems this hot, moist climate is hell on watches. I did some tinkering on it this morning and it has been running most of the day.  Maybe I've fixed it.
          I did some work this morning but really didn't strain myself.  By noon the strong wind had abated and the sun broke out in all its glory.  It's the first time in almost a week that we've even seen the sun.  After lunch I saw a few patients.  I censored some mail and went up on the poop deck for a little sun.  Then I returned to my room undressed, showered and read until time to dress for dinner.
          After dinner I enjoyed the cool breeze and the cloud formations, but a colorful sunset never materialized.  Now here I am.
          I got one precious letter today, so you guess who it was from.  It was postmarked the 18th.
          We had the Disney hit "The Three Caballeros" aboard.  I enjoyed parts of it a lot.  I'm sure Linda and probably even Norma would get a kick out of it.
          I'm really looking forward to some colored snaps of you.  I'm sure you'll look lovely--as you always have and always will where I'm concerned.
          I do hope your Arrowhead plans materialize, but it they don't maybe you'll have other plans to make for late summer that'll be real thrilling.  I don't know anything but I am just hoping.
          The movie tonight is Claudette Colbert in "Practically Yours" or "Particularly Yours." I don't know which.  It is rated as 4.0 so I shan't miss it.
          No more for now Sweet so I'll sign off.  Good night my Darling and dream about those happy days to come and soon I hope.
Yours as ever,