Three Massages

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 1 March 1945, 7:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          How is my Sweet today?  Did you dream about me?  I did about you and it was just like it is going to be when I come home.  Even Linda and Norma were there to climb into bed with up and keep us awake early in the morning.  What a dream!
          Today was a nice easy day.  Saw a few patients but spent most of the day messing with the wardroom statement.  It is all straight now and will be typed up for approval in the morning.
          I met a doctor a couple of weeks ago. This afternoon he was aboard and visited with me.  Then I enjoyed forty-five minutes of sun and retired to my room.  Undressed, censored some mail and perused through a copy of the New Yorker.  Then it was 5:15 PM so I showered and dressed for dinner.
          I pulled a muscle in my back, when or where I do not know.  It's been sore but a massage three times a day gives me enough relief that I can go about my business without much discomfort.  The doctor says a couple of days more and I'll be OK.
          Only one letter today.  It was from Libby.  Not much in it to talk about.  Just hello, how are you and regards from all.
          There isn't much to talk about at this end either.  Just lots of sunshine, rain in copious quantities but usually of short duration and then more sun.  There is always a nice breeze blowing topside so if one gets too warm it is easy to cool off.
          I'm sending something to both mothers for Mothers' Day so don't splurge at your end.  Some toilet sets of powder and salts available through the Army Exchange look like good values.
          So Darling another day is gone.  Do you remember how in past years about this time we'd begin planning a drive into the hills to see the wildflowers?  Those splashes of color on the hillsides and in the fields would sure look good now.  Oh well, they'll even look better next year.
          Good night honey and I hope my dreams repeat tonight.