Kamakaze Buzzed the Ocelot and Bombed the Carrier Rudolph

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 13 March 1945, 7:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          How are you tonight darling?  Swell.  So am I.  I miss you and the girls just as you miss me.
          Today was just another day.  Worked all morning and part of the afternoon and secured (quit) at 2:45.  There were some doctors from other ships aboard who coaxed me to go ashore with them, but it would have been past 3:30 before we got there and that is too late to get started.  I like to be back aboard by 5:30 so I said, "no."
          Instead I went up on the poop deck for thirty-five minutes of sunshine.  Then I retired to my room.  I censored a stack of mail and then read until 5:15 when I showered and changed for dinner.
          After chow we were standing on deck enjoying the breeze and sunset when a rain squall came along and drove us to cover.  However it only lasted a few minutes and we all came back to finish our regular evening routine.  Now here I am.
          I got three letters today, four from you and one from your mother.  Talking about letters I wrote eight besides yours in the past two days.  Soon I'll be all caught up.
          You never did send Sol's address to me.  There is a good chance of my seeing him if I know what ship he is on.  If you haven't done so be sure to include it in your next letter.
          I'm surprised at the Lindenbaums.  I'd never expected them to call on you after so long.  On rereading you letter I see you met him at dancing school.  Well he always was friendly or should I say "smooth."  That probably is more the word for him.
          Dick may never be sent to Europe but may come out this way.  By the time his training is over, Germany should be licked and all army will be coming out to the Pacific theater.  Don't you worry none about him, army life and discipline will do him good.
          When I get back I'm spending my time with my special girl.  The Corsos don't have a chance and even the family will wait until we come up for air so to speak.
          So Ruby is still complaining?  Well if Marty didn't expend so much energy in other places he might be able to do her some good.
          Traveling long distances for vacations certainly doesn't sound very patriotic.  I'm afraid if some of our 100% Americans and patriots could hear some of the opinions and ideas of both officers and men about their actions at home, their ears would burn plenty.  Maybe they'd spend a few wakeful nights thinking.  Oh well nuff said on that subject.
          There is another appendectomy coming up which I'm going to be on so I'll have to hurry because they're about ready to begin.  Good night my Sweet, until tomorrow.
Yours always,