Dearest Linda and Norma

6 March 1945
Dearest Linda and Norma,
          Hello kids, here is your Daddy again.  Linda dear, I got a very sweet card from you today and I did enjoy receiving it.
          Linda. The little fairy told me that you don't suck a "pitty" anymore and that you have been a very good girl and I'm glad to hear it.
          Norma.  Mommy tells me you are talking very well now.  Well, when I get home we'll have a real talk.  Just you and I.
          I want you both to continue being good kiddies and help mother keep things nice and straight around the house.  Are you still picking everything up when you are through playing or do you forget and leave your toys lying around?    Just continue picking stuff up and when you birthdays come I'll have real surprises for both of you.
          I'll say goodbye for now and will write again real soon.