Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 25 March 1945, 6:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Darling, here I am again.  Today for a change I put in an honest day's work. I saw eight patients this morning and two more this afternoon.  Besides that I spent some time digging out additional information for my annual and quarterly reports. Now the Dental Corps has more control over its administration. Seeing as I am the senior dental officer aboard I have more reports to make out (ahem!).  It's a good thing there aren't any more dental officers or I'd probably be junior.
          I was beginning to run low on shorts so I bought a half dozen more today (35 cents each).  It has been raining or threatening to rain all day so I spent my leisure time in my room reading and censoring mail.
          There was no mail today for a change.  I do wish the service would settle down so that I'd get one or two letters every day instead of all at one time.  Well, I shouldn't complain, I still get more than most aboard this ship.
          It's hard to realize that next week is Passover.  All days are alike and as a matter of fact I'd never know it was Sunday except the chaplain is around.  Talking about chaplains, one has been assigned to our ship and I'm looking for him to arrive most any time now.  Won't I be glad.  Then the job of Welfare Officer and Librarian will be taken away from me and given to someone who has the time and training to do a real job of it and at the same time give me more opportunity to do what I'm here to do.
          We finally got a boxing ring built on one of the hatches.  While we are waiting for the chaplain, I'll try and promote some bouts before movies.
          By the way, in one of the letters yesterday you asked if I wanted some fruits and nuts.  I've still got some left and have been laying off them because I've gained a couple pounds lately.  There isn't much chance for exercise but I still eat two meals a day and even that seems too much.  So the answer is "no thank you."
          The movie tonight is "Fighting Lady" a picture about the carrier, "Yorktown."  It is very much like the movie we saw of the flying fortress "The----Belle." I can't remember the rest of the name.  We saw it in Diego together.  Also it is rated as excellent.
          I'm going to sign off now.  Good night, my love, my Sweet.  Till tomorrow with love and kisses.
Yours alone,