Coconut Paperweight

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 19 April 1945, 7:25 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
          Hello Darling, how are you today, busy?  This being our big girl's birthday, I bet you've been rushing around all day.
          I too have been busy.  I worked in my office all morning and part of the afternoon.  I spent the remainder of the afternoon working on that coconut paperweight I've talked about making.  It is all finished except for a coat of clear varnish that I'll put on tomorrow.  It'll really look nice.
          After I left my office I went up on the poop deck with a book and got the sun for an hour.  I'm reading a historical novel entitled "Look Away, Look Away" but I'll have to refer back to the book for the name of the author.  It is about a migration of southern aristocrats to Brazil immediately after the Civil War and is based on fact.  I believe you'd find it interesting; try to get hold of it.
          Today, I got one letter, dated the 10th, from my favorite girl friend. So you are back at John Adams Junior High.  You seem to like it there and your present assignment is a cinch.
          What about Linda's eyes?  I never did get a letter telling me what the doctor said.  Now you mention going back.  Repeat the "dope" in a couple of letters so I'll be sure to hear even if one gets lost in the shuffle.
          We have another repeat movie tonight, "Janie." I hope we get some new ones soon.  All we've been seeing lately are repeat showings.
          No more for now, so I'll sign off with love and kisses to all my loved ones.
Yours always,