Officer's Names Aren't Mentioned Because of Censorship

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 25 April 1945, 7:15 PM
My Dearest,
          Hello Sweet, here I am again, tired from physical exercise instead of hard work at the chair.  After lunch today, I joined a group going over to the island for some volleyball (and a few incidental beers).  We played from two until four.  We got back to the ship at 5:15 just in time to shower and dress for dinner.
          After chow I came down to my office and treated a man with a bad toothache.  Then as long as I was there I spent some time on the coconut shell and carved up a "Linda" which I will put on a chain for a bracelet.  It worked out so nice that I'm planning to make one for Norma and one for you.  How about some more of those chains.  By the time I'm through I'm going to have a whole mess of stuff to send home.
          This morning I was busy as usual and didn't finish work until 11:30.  Then lunch, a little reading ("Martin Eden" by Jack London) and later off to the beach.
          The mail today brought two letters from you and one each from your mother and mine.  Yours were of the 10th and 14th and now I know about Linda's eyes.  I'll tell you more about the 1-1/2 units as soon as I've talked with the doctor.
          The $225 plus your earnings should cover your monthly expenses.  I can't see why you should need an additional $100 a month from our reserve.  Don't worry about me. I have plenty of reserve for any emergency that might arise and I may draw as much as three months in advance if I ever find it necessary.  With the money I have on the books, I'm sure I'll never be in such a spot.  Even if I miss the May ALNAV, I'm sure to catch it June 1.
          By the way in addition to the letters I got a beautiful money clip from the B'nai B'rith Lodge.  It is a silver dollar with a clip on it and has my name and the lodge's name engraved on it.
          I don't know anything about the San Diegans.  Haven't heard from them in months.  I have met Dr. Love out here though.  He is on the "Enterprise" and he can have it.
          I don't mention the officers by name much because of censorship.  At least that was the way it was when I first came aboard and it really isn't important.  You wouldn't know one from another.
          Yes dear the beginning of your letter of April 13 was a real "lady type" letter but nothing you write will ever bore me.
          My course grades have been 3.94 to 3.99 so I'm not doing badly.
          I still want to see those snaps.  Some of mine weren't so hot either but I'll send them along as soon as I get them.
          The movie tonight is another oldie "The Human Comedy."  Last night's "Suspect" was excellent.
          No more for now my darling. Goodnight, I'll see you in my dreams.