Fillings, Extractions, Gingivitis and Examinations

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, FPO San Francisco
Friday 27 April 1945, 7:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Darling, here I am again.  The morning was another one of those days.  Between 8:30 and 11:30 I filled twelve teeth, extracted four, treated two gingivitis cases and examined two men.  I was really glad that today was Friday, "field day," and no appointments for the afternoon.
          After lunch seven of us officers went ashore for a few beers and relaxation.  At 5:00 PM our boat picked us up and we returned to the ship.  We had just enough time to shower and change before dinner.  After eating we stood up on deck and watched the sun set in a glorious blaze of red fire and a great big yellow, tropical, moon rise in the heavens.
          I really hit the jackpot today.  I got six letters from you and one each from "I" Bergman, Herman Stein and Ethyl and the Arrowhead card from you.  So-o-o- here goes.
          Don't do a thing about income taxes until I get home.  It'll be perfectly OK. There is no reason to worry.  
          The old set of golf clubs contains several of my original clubs. They are worth $3 or $4 each so don't give them away.  However the old irons with the wooden shafts can be passed on to Dick if you like.
          Sounds like you have lots of flowers around the house.  Wish I were there to cut and arranged them you around the house.
          Don't worry. When I get back, wherever I go we'll be together, all four of us.  That is a promise.
          The snaps of Linda and my mother are swell but where are my other two girls?  Yes, I know you looked terrible (or so you say) so you didn't send them on.  You'd look good to me anyway and don't you forget it.
          I see you got a couple more days of teaching.  Swell--that makes two days less to have to fill up some way."Winged Victory" was good but I didn't enjoy the Durbin movie, "I Want to Sing" or something like that.  Did you like it?
          Don't worry about "babies."  I'll take care of everything when I get back and that's a promise.
          Ruth is no different than she always was.  It's Ruth first, last, and always.  No there wasn't anything in the letter I wrote her.
          Where is Sol's address--is it a military secret?  Get it and sent it along.
          Darling, I'm worried about you again.  You accept any and all invites.  Don't worry about how cordial they are.  The chances are they do want you but you are just too sensitive about the whole deal.  Ethyl wrote me, evidently right after you called her, but she never mentioned your crying.  Guess she didn't want to worry me but still you do.  Snap out of it gal and maybe soon this will all seem like a bad dream.
          Well, there is no more for now.  Good night Sweet and pleasant dreams.
P.S.    Can you tell by my handwriting--am I tight or not?

Snaps of Gil's mother (Lena Steingart) and Linda