Colored Prints Expensive

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 5 April 1945, 7:15 PM
My Dearest,
          Hello Honey, I was busy all day but didn't do any dentistry to speak of.  Only saw one patient.
           I've been without a watch for a week or so.  This morning another officer and I got into our whale-boat and went over to a ship that was equipped to do watch repair.  I knew one of the engineering officers aboard her and through him both watches will be repaired.  My Bulova will be cleaned, and the service watch has broken spring to be replaced.  They will both be done in a week to ten days.

          After that we stopped at a hospital ship and looked around it.  Had some real ice cream and returned to our ship.  That was when I worked on the patient who was waiting.  It was then also that I found more mail. There were four letters from you, an Easter card from Linda, a letter from Ethyl and a V-mail from Libby.
          After lunch it was my turn to take the liberty part ashore and I didn't get back to the ship until 5:15.  Then I showered and dressed for dinner.  After which we enjoyed a very colorful sunset and here I am.
          I wrote Libby about some pictures Jim took of Ambie and me and some with Jim and me.  She says she saw them and they are good.  She'll get some black and white prints, the colored ones are "so expensive."  Write her and offer to pay for them, the cheapskate.
          Now to you letters.  Wish you'd get over your nerves and gas attacks.  How about it? Promise me you'll settle down.  I haven't heard from Diego in some time so I don't know how many have shipped out lately.
          About the Buick, the valves were ground (I think) in Diego but Sam could make some tests to determine whether they need it or not.  Before you drive to Arrowhead be sure the car is in good running order.
          Anita Rose sure made her mind up in a hurry.  I do hope she isn't plunging into something--war marriages you know.
          About Mrs. Ottis.  Her daughter is working and is the one who agreed to pay to have the work done.  I believe they have a car.  Posner will know best how to handle the account.
          I remember reading time at the Steingart's and I'll take over my end the first chance I get.  Until them you have to carry on for both of us.
          No more for now Sweet.  Goodnight and please snap out of your present state of nerves.  For me? Please?
Loving you always,
P.S.    The movie is a real oldie "Union Pacific."


The photos that Libby said were good. All taken in Hawaii.

Gil and Jim Frug

Another of Gil and Jim

Gil and Ambie