Watches Repaired

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 13 April 1945, 6:45 PM
My Darling,
          Hello Honey, here is your old drunken husband again.  Began the day with work as I always do.  This being Friday, I had the afternoon open so Alexander could hold "field day."  He did a lot of scrubbing. Everything looks nice and clean.
          After lunch I begged a boat and six of us went ashore for a wee bit of recreation.  We had a camera along and if we were sober enough there should be some good snaps.  We got back at 5:45 just in time for dinner and after eating--why here I am.
          I got both of my watches back today.  One was cleaned; the other had a new mainspring put in.  Both repairs cost me $7.70.  Not bad, eh?
          Much to my surprise I got five letters today.  Look dear, you must snap out of it.  Hearing that you are lonesome and unhappy makes me feel twice as bad.  How's about it?  Let's get busy and keep busy, huh?  OK. It's a deal.
          Send me a list of arrears accounts, addresses and date of last payment.  I'll drop each of them a note.  Maybe I can bring in the balance due.
          I'll look for those maps.  Those in the atlas I have are too small and not detailed enough.
          So you don't like teaching at Lincoln Junior High.  The kids must be "bitches." My, my, such language!
          I'll try to get a pen for you if there are any left.  I really am enjoying mine.
          Your ice cream diet is interesting, but I'll leave it alone. Guess I'll eat and grow fat until I find some means of exercising.
          You are going through lots of money but with your added income we should be breaking even (I hope).  Anyway, what's money?
          Tonight's movie is "Pan Americana," with I don't know who.  It's a new picture so I can't tell much about it until after I've seen it.
          I wrote Marty earlier in the day.  So much for now.  Good night, Sweet.  I'll see you in my dreams.
Loving you always,