God is My Co-Pilot

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Sunday 15 July 1945, 10:30 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello honey, here I am once more.  Today being Sunday I only worked a half day.  In the early afternoon I spent a couple of hours and finished the trinket I'm sending you for our eleventh anniversary.  Do you remember many years ago when I made a ring for you and gave it to you on your birthday?  Wish I could give you this gift in person but I'll postpone collecting the kiss for a couple of months more.
          The mail brought me two letters from you, one from your mother, a box of figs and dates from Uncle Bill, and a dental magazine.  Not Bad! Now to your letters.
          What's the deal with Betty?  Is she staying on or leaving?
           The best thing that could happen to Dick would be for him to be transferred to some base at some distance from any city with no car available.  If he's purposely running himself down he'll have a rude awakening one of these days.  The old body will take so much and no more.  Guess he's too young and irresponsible to realize.
          I'll try to run over to see Simmie again someday this coming week, probably Friday.
          No.  At the meeting, I didn't run into any doctors that I knew from home or school.  All the men in this group seem to be from Chicago and the East Coast.  God alone knows where some of the men are that are out this way.
          I enjoyed the stories you sent me.  I just finished reading "Anna and the King of Siam" but darned if I can remember the authoress' name.  Now I'm reading Joe E Brown's "Your Boy and Mine."  Both are interesting and worth reading.
          After dinner tonight we played cribbage as usual and when we finished we were greeted by a terrific downpour.  It rained so hard that you couldn't see more than a couple of feet in front of you.  Anyway I got out of my regular clothes and changed into a rain outfit I have.  It consists of a rubber overall that ties around the ankles and a rubber slipover jacket with a hood to cover your head.  With that gear on it could rain and rain and I'd never even get damp.  Anyway by the time the two shorts were over it had quieted down considerably but it is still raining.  The movie was "God is My Co-Pilot" with Dennis Morgan and was quite good.
          I'm enclosing a new item from the ship's paper that was interesting.  Anything with sex involved is interesting out here.
          Enough drivel for now so I'll sign off.  Goodnight my Darling, I'll see you in my dreams.
Loving you always