Inefficiency and Waste

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 25 July 1945, 5:00 PM
Dearest Sweetheart,
          Happy Anniversary Darling.  I know that next year and forever after you and I will be together to celebrate this and all the other happy holidays of the year.
          Today has been another scorcher.  The sun has been smiling all day and I've been frowning.  Wish it would rain and rain.  Then I'd be no wetter than I am now but I would be much cooler.
          I worked all morning but I didn't see any patients this afternoon.  I got out some official letters to the Bureau requesting increases in allotments for our library and recreation.  Then I found a cool spot and just sat there and talked with others who had the same idea that I had.
          I have a few minutes before showering and dressing for dinner so here I am.  I got one love letter today so I really can't complain. Of all on this ship, I have the most loving, most faithful correspondent and everyone else knows it.
          The war news is good but frankly I don't think the war will be over until the middle of 1946.  I was optimistic up till now but if the Japs were going to quit before total defeat they would have done so before now.  It is evident that they'll have to be defeated decisively and I don't believe any large scale invasion can be expected until next spring.  It took eighty-seven days to take Okinawa. Japan itself will certainly be at least as tough to take.  So my guess is July 1946 for VJ day.  I truly hope that I'm wrong this time and that it is sooner.
          You are constantly running into snags with you vacation plans but I do hope that everything gets ironed out before you get this letter.
          Yes Goldfarb is a friend of the captain. At present he is underway to a new station.  However this place is much pleasanter than where he'll be.
          No your interpretation about the Flag set up is wrong, at least as it stands now.  There is nothing definite and new scuttlebutt comes out daily.  It varies so I'm ignoring it for the time being.
          No one could interest me in regular Navy with less than a captain's commission. That is impossible and is probably why I set that as a minimum.  Frankly I've seen too much inefficiency and waste both of money and manpower to be interested.  I'm not one to cow tow to another because he outranks me.  Civilian first class for me.  I'm doing my job as well and as efficiently as possible but I'm ready for a change in my status anytime it comes and the sooner the better.
          No more for now Darling so I'll sign off.  I haven't told you "I love you" lately but that is only because words fail me when I want to tell you how much.  Would that you were near me and I wouldn't have to say a word.  My actions would be all that you'd need.  Goodnight Darling and pleasant dreams.
Your loving husband,