Lousy French

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Monday 16 July 1945, 10:20 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Darling, how are you tonight?  Today has been a repetition of yesterday and every yesterday and probably many tomorrows.  I worked all morning and part of the afternoon.  Then I read for awhile and censored some mail.  Visited with some other officers in the wardroom and soon it was five o'clock and time to shower and change for chow.  After eating we played cribbage until 7:30 when I went to my room to change into my rain gear to go to the movies.  It even rains on schedule now.  It begins to pour about 7:00 PM. At 8:00 PM when it abates slightly but continues until midnight.
          Tonight's movie was colorful but very slow moving and didn't come up to expectation.  It was "Sudan" with Maria Montez and Jon Hall.
          There wasn't any mail for me today but others got mail through the 9th so I expect I'll get a few letters tomorrow.
          I air mailed your little gift this morning. I hope you receive it about the time you get this letter.
          By the way there is a definite rule about sending packages via air mail that are specifically requested by men overseas.  I am enclosing two requests--one for a Schick shaver heat for a Captain Model "S" shaver and one for the repaired Sunbeam.  Show the letters at the post office and they will accept the packages to send via air mail.
          I'm going to sign off Sweet.  Gee I'd love to kiss you goodnight instead of having to write it on paper but "c'este la guerre" (lousy French).  Goodnight Honey and pleasant dreams.
P.S.    When you send back the Sunbeam, send along a tube of sharpening compound.