Xmas Shopping in July

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Wednesday 18 July 1945, 2:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          I have a few minutes open now and I'm going ashore with several of the officers at 6:30, so I thought I'd better write now.  We'll probably have a few drinks and it'll eleven or twelve before we get back.  Besides I might be a wee bit tight and my letter then wouldn't make any sense.
          Last night's movie "Saratoga Trunk" was excellent.  Be sure to see it.  This morning I was a busy as ever.  Besides a fully appointed morning I had four emergency patients.  I've already seen two this afternoon.  The third is late.  Hope he doesn't show up as it's too damn hot to work.
          I got three letters from you and here goes another lecture.  First you complain about being left out of everything and about our friends having parties without asking you.  Now you have an invite to the Fleischer's and won't go.  What the "h" is the matter with you (excuse the language but that is my way of expressing exasperation).  Even without me there, I know you wouldn't feel out of place with that gang.  You must snap out of it dear.  If does you no good to stay home and mope.  I feel badly whenever I read that you aren't going out.  Enough said on that subject.
          You're sure doing Xmas shopping early.  However with the scarcity of things maybe that is the wise thing to do.
          Excuse, I have another emergency. Be back in a few minutes.  Well now that didn't take long, did it?  Exactly five minutes.
          Brewer sure is going places and when I get back so will we.  Even though we'll have plenty of it, money isn't everything.  You and I with our two little darlings, all together is the way I want it.  Everything else is secondary.
          Leon is lucky to get a permanent assignment in Diego but orders come from the Bureau and they may catch up with him in a few months.
          I'm glad that Dave's new set up has cheered Deb up and I hope Dave makes the grade OK.
          Nothing more for now so I'll sign off.  Good--I was going to say night but it isn't, is it?  So instead, so long Sweet until tomorrow and remember that it can't be long before the Steingarts will be together again.
Loving you always,