Gold Braid

Lieut. Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 6 July 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Sweetheart, here I am again after another day.  I had a very busy morning and then after lunch I had six more patients to take care of.  Then I repaired to my bunk, censored mail and finished "Strange Women."  If you haven't read it do so.  I think you'll enjoy it.
          After a refreshing shower I dressed for dinner and then played cribbage.  Now here I am.
          The mail brought me six letters, five from you and one from Sam Kahn.  Naturally I always enjoy your letters but today's made me doubly happy simply because I read that you got over you nervousness and are generally in better spirits.
          The color scheme of our house sounds quite nice.  I'm sure that you are quite able to choose colors without my expert (?) help.
          I'm expecting Simmie over tomorrow.  He was supposed to drop me a line confirming our date.  Maybe the letter was delayed, so I'll meet the boat he is supposed to come over on.
          Yes Dear I really get more mail than anyone I know of.  In a letter to the Fleet Dental Officer, I've already indicated where I'd like my next duty to be. He asked for that and other information.
          So Norma was indisposed again.  It doesn't sound like much and I hope there is no more trouble.  You've had enough.
          It does sound like the Siegers just had a change of heart or mind about having you along for a month at Lake Arrowhead.  However, I hope something does work out and if not maybe I'll be home soon enough to make it up to you.
          Enewetok was our stop over between Pearl Harbor and Ulithi.  Regulations now permit saying where you were thirty days after you leave the place.  This is a new rule. I just overlooked telling you, but now you know.  Did you find it on a map?  It's in the Marshall Group.
          It certainly is a surprise about Mike and I'm glad it isn't Berger's Disease.  That is incurable while arteriosclerosis can be counteracted by diet and no overexertion or excitement.
          I like the photos you sent although the minicolors certainly aren't worth $1.00 each.
          We have a good movie tonight, "Tonight and Every Night" with Rita Hayworth and Janet Blair.
          In one of you recent letters you asked about changing the braid in my blues.  Okay, go ahead and do it.  Have two full strips put on the uniform I left with you and send the full stripe that is on the suit now to me. No gold braid is available out here.   I'll have it put on the blues I have with me.  That way the braid will match better on both suits.
          So my love, another day comes to an end.  Another day less for our separation.  Won't they be happy days when we are all together again?
          Goodnight Darling, I'll dream of you and us tonight.
Loving you always,