Couldn't Ask for Better Duty

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 4 May 1945, 7:15 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Today was just another one of those days.  I was busy as a bee all morning and was surely glad when 11:45 rolled around.  This being "field day" I secured for the day and after lunch joined a group of officers going ashore for some recreation and beer--mostly beer.
          Our boat picked us up and got us back to the ship at 5:15 PM in time to shower and change for dinner.  Then it began to rain and though I don't know right now I hope it still is coming down.  I decided to come down to my office early and write you an extra long letter. Low and behold I found six letters from you and one each from Deb and your mother.  Now I really have something to write about and here goes.
          Linda's birthday party sounds like it was a real success, and she really bagged a lot of nice gifts.  Wish I could have be there to help and to enjoy the party with you.
          So you're teaching once more.  I'm glad you like your assignment.  Doing something one likes is so much easier.
          Talking about bonds, I'll send a $100 money order for Norma's birthday just as I did for Linda.  Buy her a bond and use the $25 any way you like.  Don't worry about me being short.  I'll get by.
          Sorry the Officers Wives' Club was so uninteresting.  I had hoped you'd make some new acquaintances.
          I don't know why you hesitate eating an occasional meal at the Corsos.  They don't worry about sponging on you or your good nature, so kill an evening once in awhile that way.  By the way take any good stuff out of the cellarette.  No use letting those buzzards guzzle it all up.  Send me Sam Kahn's address.  I'd like to drop him a note.
          I sent Leon a note to Treasure Island.  I hope he gets it.  Sounds like he doesn't like San Bruno at all but he'll like where he is going even less.  I'd trade with him anytime. Really for duty outside the continental limits one couldn't ask for better than I have.
          Now the blarney about Dick going up for Officer Candidate School.  Without a college education he hasn't got a chance but let them find out for themselves.  Don't tell them.
          I can see you never kept very good track of my weight.  Before I went on a diet I was close to 185 pounds and cut down to 182.  When I reported for active duty I was 170 and that is where I am now.
          No we never saw "Greenwich Village" but it is a good movie.
          Curry's letter was a surprise.  Not because she is infanticipating but because he is going into the Armed Forces.  After all he was working in defense and married.  Guess they're still nabbing plenty of unsuspecting papas.
          Considering the amount of beer I drank today I really have written a fairly sensible letter.
          Tonight's movie is "Night Club Girl" with a lot of unknowns, but I'll go anyway.
          So Sweetheart again I come to an end all out of breath.  Wish I was winded for other reasons.  I can hardly wait till that time when we can turn out the light and go to "sleep."  I never saw people sleep like that before.
          Until that time keep those panties on and your hopes up.  Love and kisses to all my girls at 714 Euclid.
Yours forever,