Food Shortage

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 1 May 1945, 7:00 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Sweet, here I am again.  Today was another easy day.  Being the first of the month I worked on some reports this morning and saw a few patients.   Not having much to do, five of us officers went ashore after lunch.
          It began to rain while we were still in the boat going over.  Even though there was some cover we still stayed out and got wet.  It felt so nice being able to cool off a bit. We brought along some snacks to eat with the beer.  I brought a can of gefilte fish and that eggplant appetizer.  The others brought three cans of sardines and a jar of cheese.  The snacks and crackers went very well with the beer.  Although the gefilte fish tastes okay, no one would eat it, but they all went for the appetizer.
          After we put away all the eats we went shell hunting.  The tide was way out and I brought back a mess of shells. My collection is growing.  I have many different and interesting specimens.
          The mail today consisted of three letters from my one and only.  So here goes.  Don't worry too much about the center meetings.  They are probably more interested in getting paying attendees.  When we are back together again they'll be after us just as always, but we'll be a lot more selective than we were.  We've learned things about some people we'd never believe otherwise.  We'll act accordingly.
          Your description of the party was so good I was all but there.  How happy I would be if only I could hug and kiss my three girls. Well it can't be very long until I'll be doing it no dreaming about it (and other things too).
          By the way 1-1/2 units of over-sightedness for a youngster Linda's age is nothing to worry about.  They usually grow out of it.
          Did I say I got some maps?  Either I was too tight or else you read my letter wrong.  I haven't received any maps recently.  I did get the art corners and have all the pictures placed in my album.  Still no sign of the Xmas packages due from you and Manny.  Guess they're lost.
          Don't worry about money after the war.  We are in for a ten year boom after a temporary lull.  I'll get in on practically all of it.
          Honey, the way things look Xmas is the latest I'd come home even if all the breaks are against me.  I'm really expecting some good ones real soon.
          I can understand the food shortage alright.  Feeding practically all of Europe and the number of men out here plus a sufficient reserve to meet any contingency must take a tremendous stockpile.    And the Armed Forces are really well fed.  All we get is steak, turkey, chicken, roast beef and selected cuts of pork and veal.  Butter is plentiful as are oranges and apples.  We do miss tomatoes, lettuce and fresh milk.  We do get celery once in awhile.  Eggs are abundant.  Yes dear I can see why there is a food shortage in the states.
          The move tonight is Laurel and Hardy in "Nothing But Trouble."  I hope it's at least fair.  Outside of that there is nothing to tell.
          Goodnight darling, with loads of love and kisses.
Yours as ever,