Not Many Letters to Censor

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 31 May 1945, 9:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Dearest, here is that man again.  Today has been a very ordinary one.  I worked steadily all morning and after lunch saw three additional patients.  Then I went to work on the wardroom books which balanced out OK for the first time.  After that I censored some mail and finished the mystery story I was reading.  By then it was five o'clock so I shampooed my hair, showered, and dressed for dinner.  We had a very pretty sunset tonight.  It sure looks good to see the sun setting behind some mountains for a change.  Then I went to the movie.  The picture was a comedy mystery, very light and slap-sticky.  It was "The Adventures of Kitty O'Day" with Jean Parker.  Oh well we can't have a good movie every night; there were a few laughs in it.
          No mail again today.  Gee it's been a whole week now since I got your last letter.  Hope the mail situation gets squared away soon because I sure miss hearing from you and knowing that you and the kids are well.
          One thing I have noticed is that there is very little letter writing going on now, not many letters to censor.  However when our mail does catch up with us, there'll be plenty of mail to censor--you bet.
          This is the rainy season out here (thank God).  It doesn't rain hard and doesn't interfere with any of our work or operations.  However the skies are cloudy and overcast and so it is cooler.  I've noticed an interesting phenomenon.  We've seen it portrayed in the movies and it seems unreal.  Looking out onto the jungles in the hills, big clouds of steam can be seen rising up.  At first I thought it was low hanging clouds until I was straightened out on that.
          In this place we are having many new and interesting experiences.  I'll try to tell you as much about them as I can.  There are lots of souvenirs available and as soon as I can, I am going down to one of the villages and do a little trading with the natives.
          No more for now Sweet, so I'll sign off. Goodnight honey, I'll see you in my dreams.