VE Rumors

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Friday 18 May 1945, 10:45 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Today was like all the others, hot and sultry with a very welcome shower just before noon.  I had my usual busy morning but today being "field day" I had a free afternoon.  So Dr. Bushyager and I went ashore for the afternoon.  We had a few beers and returned to the ship at 5:00 PM. Then I showered, censored some mail and dressed for dinner.
          After chow I went up to the captain's cabin for our nightly game of cribbage.  At 7:30 we knocked off for movies.  The picture tonight was A.J. Cronin's "Keys to the Kingdom." I did enjoy the picture though it was a little long.  Now here I am.
          While I was ashore I got two more letters marked May 8, so here goes.
          We also heard many false VE rumors but paid no attention until we got the official word over the radio.  Did you know that the cause of all the rumors was due to a correspondent who reported the unconditional surrender before the scheduled time?  When the news finally did come through, there was no jubilation or celebration.  We somberly sat and around and ventured opinions and guesses as to how long the war out here would last.  Outside of the absence of European war news in our daily paper, everything out here remains unchanged.
          Cox has been aboard the Ocelot since a year ago January.  Yes, I'll be able to tell you when my orders come.  However I won't be able to tell you where and when I'll be back until I get to the states.  Cox hasn't left yet.  His relief is on his way but hasn't arrived.  However he should arrive most any time now.  Cox hopes to go to Long Beach and intends to look you up.  I'll give you the word when he leaves.
          I've been neglecting my sun baths and have broken out with heat rash again.  So beginning tomorrow and everyday for awhile, I'll have to take the time and get out in the hot sun for awhile.
          Honey, there is no more to write about tonight so I'll sign off.  I did see you in my dreams last night, and we did have "fun."  So I'll turn in now and hope for the next best thing to being with you---that is dreaming of being with you.  Goodnight Darling and pleasant dreams.