Oral Surgery Technique

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Thursday 3 May 1945, 7 PM
Dearest Eleanor,
          Hello Honey, here is that man again.  I had another very busy day but I wasn't pushed for time and so I'm not tired.  You'd be surprised how much new oral surgery technique I've learned and other operative procedures as well.  There is one surgical procedure in particular that I never attempted in civilian life.  The first time I did in the Navy it took me an hour and I really "botched" job.  Now I can do the same thing in fifteen to twenty minutes and am getting beautiful results.  This is one time when my serving in the Navy isn't a liability.
          Today has been another of those, hot, tropical, breezeless days. It's a good thing I'm busy because then I don't notice it at all.  This evening the sun set in a real blaze of glory.  I have never seen such vivid colored skies before, not even in movies or painting.  It is just past description.
          Even though the Andrews Sisters were excellent, last night's movie, "Her Lucky Night" was another stinkeroo.  Tonight we have an oldie but a good one, "Cover Girl" with Ann Sheridan or is it Rita Hayworth?
          The mail brought me a lone letter from Miss Davis except now she is a Mrs.
Her boyfriend, a Marine, finally came back and they got married.  I wrote her when I first shipped out and she just answered.  What a honeymoon!  Anyway her hubby is stationed in El Centro and naturally she is with him.
          No more gossip or news for tonight.  By the time you get this letter Germany should have surrendered and then we can really go to work on the Japs.  I frankly don't think they'll last a year.
          Goodnight my Sweet.  Keep that chin up and a smile on your face.  I do love you and miss you.  Why talk about it and make you and me feel bad.  Pleasant dreams.
Your lover,