Not in Okinawa

Lt. (j.g.) Gilbert Steingart
U.S.S. Ocelot, F.P.O. San Francisco
Tuesday 29 May 1945, 10:45 PM
My Darling Wife,
          Look Eleanor, you tell Ethyl I'll write soon.  Began today as usual and worked all morning and from one to two this afternoon.  I went ashore this afternoon.  It was a treat to be on some land with mountains and trees.  There is a very beautiful officers' club here and the natives are hired to wait on table and tend bar.  However I didn't do much drinking, instead I walked along the beach--yes looking for shells.  I found quite a few that are different from those I already have.  Several miles away by boat there is a fair sized town. The skipper of one of the LCI's (Landing Craft Infantry) has promised to run me up there someday next week.  
          I'm drawing $175 on the first and will send on $100 for Norma's birthday.  The rest will go to pay my $30 mess bill and for any souvenirs I can find.
          When we got back to the ship I was expecting a stack of mail but there was only one lonely letter from my Sweetheart.  Guess it'll take a few days before our mail is properly rerouted.
          We had an excellent movie tonight.  It was "My Reputation" with Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent.  Be sure to see it.  I know you'll like it.
          Now to your letter.  Please don't worry about me.  I'm perfectly safe and I'm not at Okinawa.  You must be mixed up or else you were tight (tsk, tsk) when you wrote.  The letter is dated May 20 yet the postmark is Mary 19.  Now how could anyone mail a letter a day before it is written?  Ah sweet mystery of love.
          Sounds like you are having quite a full and busy program.  I wondered about Brownie.  Her Xmas card was returned to me so I assumed she'd quit.
          The kids do sound interesting.  I'll have plenty to make up to the when I get home and I will.  That is a promise.
          Gosh, Honey, it's now ten months since I came aboard.  Do you remember our last weekend before I got my orders?  We went to La Jolla dinner dancing, and we were like two happy kids.  Remember how we stood on the stone wall watching the grunion run?  Well Sweet soon this nightmare should be over and we'll begin just where we left off.  The only trouble will be that we'll have so much catching up to do to make up for what we lost but we will.
          No more for now Darling, so goodnight.  May all you happy dreams soon come true.